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Infographic: Do You Lie on Your Resume?

Getting a job, especially a travel nursing job, isn’t always easy. However, embellishing your resume or lying about the skills you have or the years you held certain positions will only make things worse.

Backgroundchecks.org, an online database of public records, recently released an infographic about job seekers who lie on their resumes. Here are a few of the findings:

  • 57 percent of applicants embellished their skillsets, 55 percent embellished responsibilities, and 42 percent lied about dates of employment
  • 63 percent of employers in the healthcare industry reported catching resume lies
  • Men are twice as likely to lie as women, telling an average of six lies a day (women average three lies a day)
  • 51 percent of employers said they would dismiss a candidate if they discovered he/she had lied
  • Resume fraud costs employers an estimated $600 billion each year
  • 73 percent of resumes and applications contained false information
  • 70 percent of college students surveyed said they would lie on a resume to get a job they want

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Consequences of providing false information

While you want to ensure your resume makes you stand out and includes the right information, making up job duties or fudging a little on your responsibilities can cost you an opportunity or make you lose an employer’s trust. You’ll also have to go through a hospital’s credentialing process and pass quality checks at your staffing company. Making a good impression during a phone interview is crucial, too.

If an employer, recruiter or board member discovers a falsification on your resume, you may even lose your license or ability to take travel nursing jobs.

Writing a resume that stands out

Fortunately, creating a great resume doesn’t have to mean tons of work or rewriting. Read Five Things Nurses Should Include on Their Resumes for tips on crafting a nursing-job-worthy application, and check out the full infographic from Backgroundchecks.org below.

Resume Lie Statistics
The Lies People Tell to Get a Job [INFOGRAPHIC]
Compliments of BackgroundChecks.org

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