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Best Travel Nursing Blogs and Books

Best travel nursing blogs and books

Travel nursing means exploring new places and meeting all sorts of patients and other nurses. It’s an incredibly exciting lifestyle, but it can be intimidating to jump into. The good news is that there are countless resources for travel nurses, including agencies that connect travel nurses to jobs, as well as great blogs and books about travel nursing.

Here are a few of our favorites, which provide information about everything new nurses might need to know.

Best Travel Nursing Blogs

Learn about nursing and traveling at Travelnursing.org

Travelnursing.org offers many of the same resources as other blogs, but it stands out by offering scholarships to people hoping to become nurses, or people who are currently in school. This website is perfect for the newest of travelers — those who aren’t certified as nurses quite yet. Its blog posts also talk about the experiences travel nurses have, so it’s a great starting point.

Get started with Highway Hypodermics

Highway Hypodermics is the blog to answer any nurse’s first questions about travel nursing. It goes through the basics of what travel nursing is like, how to negotiate contracts, and more. It even has a free “Newbies Workbook,” which walks nurses through whether or not travel nursing is a good option for them, how to prepare for travel nursing, and how to figure out how to find assignments. After reading the “Newbies Workbook,” nurses can learn about travel nursing news and updates through the blog.

Master the job at BluePipes

BluePipes is a nurse’s resource for all things focusing on the job aspect of travel nursing. Learn about how travel nurses get recruited, what to expect for payment, how taxes work for travel nursing, and more. These details get heavy, but BluePipes breaks the concepts down to ensure that nurses understand the financial side of travel nursing. They’ve also got a healthy balance of tips and tricks for travel nursing.

Meet people at Gypsy Nurse

There’s vast network of travel nurses, and sometimes the best way to learn about travel nursing is by talking to travel nurses. Gypsy Nurses lets travel nurses meet each other by through online forums and in-person conferences. Gypsy Nurse isn’t just about making friends — it also offers resources for finding jobs, housing and activities for nurses.

Best Traveling Nursing Books

Travel Nurse’s Bible by David Morrison R.N.

Travel nurses should be armed with a wealth of information on the culture of travel nursing, how the travel nursing industry works, and how to prepare to be a travel nurse. Travel Nurse’s Bible is the perfect tool for all of this. It’s good for brand new nurses, or for veteran nurses who want to switch to travel nursing. The book walks nurses through the entire nursing process — how to become a travel nurse, how to get started, what to look for in a travel nursing agency, the nurse’s role and the agency’s role, and more. Even better, the book has a healthy dose of humor.

Fast Facts for the Travel Nurse by Michele Angell Landrum, AND, RN, CCRN

While Travel Nurse’s Bible goes into depth, Fast Facts for the Travel Nurse is a great quick guide. The book is organized by concepts including housing, travel nurse agencies, and families and pets on assignments. This means that nurses can easily find the answer to any question they might have. It also has a helpful appendix, with a full list of travel nursing agencies, skills checklists, examples of travel nursing checklists and more.

One Nurse at a Time: On a Mission by Sue Averill and Elizabeth Coulter

It’s important to know the ins and outs of how travel nursing works, but it’s also important to know how inspiring travel nursing can be. On a Mission is a book about Sue Averill’s experiences as a nurse, working all across the world. She talks about how travel nursing has made her a better nurse and person. Her experiences include taking care of victims of human trafficking, brutal attacks, and starving children. While most travel nurses won’t have experiences quite this dramatic, this book helps nurses remember the important work they can bring to communities across the country and the world.

Once you decide if travel nursing is right for you, an agency like RNnetwork can answer additional questions and help you find the job that’s right for you.

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