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Ask RNnetwork: “How Do I Land My Dream Assignment?”

sb10069454x-001Q: I’m ready to travel, but how do I land my dream assignment?

A: You can land your dream assignment if you partner with your recruiter and discuss your areas of interest. Here are three initial steps to get you started on the right track.

Step One: The Application Process

It all starts with your application. Work with your recruiter to assure that your profile portrays your strengths, especially when they are in direct relation to the job opening you are applying for.

Be detailed on your application, adding as much of your experience and work history as possible. Make sure you add any subspecialties and certifications you may hold, and accurately rate your skills on your skills checklist(s).

You’ll need to obtain management-level references for your profile as well. The better the evaluation you receive from your former or current employer, the more likely an interviewing manager will want you on their team.

Remember, the nurse manager receives multiple applications for one specific opening. You want him or her to choose your application and interview you!

Step Two: The Credentialing Process

Once your profile is updated and ready for submission, having the updated credentialing requirements to go with it is always a plus! This will make your profile stronger than your competitors’, so there is no issue with getting you compliant in time for the facility orientation and start date.

Most travelers are needed on short notice, and many staffing representatives will seek profiles of travelers who are fully credentialed before sending the profile for review by the hiring manager. Licensure is a big part of this. You may need to have your license in hand to be eligible for jobs in certain states and facilities.

Unless a state has a walk-through or quick temporary license process, you will most likely need to have an active license for that state with your profile submission. Be sure to look into the licensure process in states you want to travel to prior to your tentative travel date.

Step Three: The Prioritization Process

Now that your profile is ready, prioritize what is important to you in an assignment. Some important factors could be location, climate, compensation, scheduling and facility type.

Flexibility and patience are important in this process. Figure out what you want most and what you can be more flexible with.

By following these three simple steps, you can land your dream assignment!

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