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10 Twitter Feeds Every Nurse Should Follow

Nurse using phone to check TwitterAre you active on Twitter? Whether you tweet several times a day or just browse through friends’ feeds during your breaks at work, Twitter can be a great source for the latest nursing news and a way to network with other healthcare professionals and make friends.

Follow these Twitter feeds for a mix of industry news, clinical tips and even humorous posts to get you through the day.

@NurseGroups. This feed with nearly 31,000 followers has daily links to health and nursing news from various sources, including USA Today and ABC News.

@EBSCO_Nursing. Affiliated with resource EBSCO Health, this feed provides links to academic journals and the latest research and clinical nursing tips.

@NationalNurses. Follow this feed for tweets and links about trending health topics, including Ebola and AIDS. National Nurses United is the largest nursing union in the United States and advocates for direct care nurses and patients.

@NurseTogether. Connect with other nurses via this more lighthearted feed, which features nurse humor, tips for making your shift go by more smoothly and lists of reasons to become a nurse. Though this feed isn’t strictly for nurses, you’ll stay up to date on the latest health and safety updates directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

@ANANursingWorld. The official Twitter feed for the American Nurses Association provides webinars, articles, industry news and tweets from ANA conferences.

@RNdotcom. Get industry news, links to health articles and nursing tips from the feed, which also offers free continuing education courses.

@AMJNurs. The American Journal of Nursing shares links from the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO) as well as peer-reviewed articles from its monthly journal and blog posts several times a week.

@NursingTimes. Read the latest news about nursing and get information about upcoming career fairs and awards.

@WebMD. Get caught up on health news, including trends, tips and up-and-coming treatments, by following this feed.

Share your favorite nurses or industry-related feeds to follow on Twitter with us!

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Lindsay Wilcox is a healthcare writer and editor with more than 10 years of professional writing experience. When she's not circling typos, she's enjoying fish tacos and hanging out with her family.

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