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10 reasons travel nursing is the best job in the world (in GIFs!)

We all know nursing is a great job — how else do you get to know people while helping them, meet amazing people, and make good money? But travel nursing makes the work even better. You get the same amazing benefits of nursing, plus you get to constantly go on adventures and learn new things. Here are 10 reasons why travel nursing is the best job in the world, told in GIFs.

1. It’s never the same day twice

Travel nursing allows you to learn and do something new every day. You might be in a big city at a huge hospital one day and a rural area in a small clinic a few weeks later. The possibilities are endless.

2. You get to meet lots of different people

In all those new locations, you’ll meet tons of new people. Some will become close friends and others will teach you valuable lessons about getting along with prickly personalities.

3. You get to make people feel better

All nurses get to make people feel better, and chances are, it’s the reason you originally became a nurse. But when you’re travel nurse, you often help people who are in communities with a high demand for nursing — so your help makes a huge difference.

4. You get to flex all your brain muscles

Problem solving? Check. Quick thinking? Check. Fast learning? Another check. Travel nursing keeps your mind constantly engaged, which means you’ll learn more every day.

5. You’re in demand all across the country

All 50 states need travel nurses, so you can work with your recruiter to find the location that suits you best. Wherever you go, you’ll be a travel nursing star, but states like California, Texas and New Jersey have the largest demand for travel nurses.

6. You get to explore the world

With travel nursing, you’ll have lots of work to do, but you’ll still have time to explore each community you visit. Check out the top destinations for travel nurses to discover fun things you can do in each location.

7. You get to save lives

We know you know this, but as a reminder, every day your job saves lives. One of our travel nurses, Bryan Flake, said it best: “I enjoy seeing the impact my profession has on families and patients that I take care of. There is a joy you get when taking care of a 23-week-gestation infant and keeping in touch with the family and seeing that patient grow and thrive.”

8. You earn good money

Travel nursing is so great that your best days may not feel like work, but you still get a good paycheck. On average, travel nurses earn about $78,120 a year, and this can increase depending on your location.

9. More opportunities to grow

Travel nursing is all about learning new things, and you’ll gain experience you wouldn’t working at only one location. This means you’ve got great potential for growth.

10. You get the gratitude of patients and their families

The work you do every day is extremely important, and your patients and their families will be forever grateful for your work. When you’re a travel nurse, you change the lives of patients across the country.

Ready to become a travel nurse? Check out our open jobs across the country.

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